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Meet Frank, Founder of Clicklaw
ClickLaw was designed to help save time and affordably protect your business online, by online business attorney, Frank Prochilo. As an entrepreneur, Frank loves helping other business owners navigate the many legalities of running a business in this digital age. 

Frank has recently appeared on the Click Funnels podcast, Funnel Hacker Radio, where he broke down some of the legal do's and dont's of online marketing. 

ClickLaw and Frank hopes to empower business owners with all the necessary tools to allow them to tackle any legal issues often arising in many entrepreneurial careers head on - efficiently, effectively, and affordably.
Figuring Out If Your Contracts And Website Policies Are Compliant and Legally Sound Can Be A Nightmare By yourself. With Clicklaw, Get Ready For The Best Night's Sleep of Your Life.
Which Documents Will You Need To Create?
  • 17+ Legal Documents To Choose From
Whether it's for freelance contracts, GDPR regulations, Terms and Conditions, or more, we've got your business needs covered. More documents are being added all the time, so if you try us and don't see what you need, feel free to let us know and we'll be sure to add it!
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Instant, custom legal documents downloaded right to your desktop.
"Take it from a fellow business owner who's been in business a long time.... you NEED this. I can't tell you how incredible this product is."

"Every small business owner that has a website needs to have certain things on their website like earnings disclaimers, terms of service, privacy policies. You need to have contracts in place."

"I probably spent $2,000 having an attorney draft all that stuff up for me. And for the cost of what Frank is doing with Clicklaw, its just a no brainer."

- Sara L.,
Answer The Simple Questions Asked By ClickLaw
  • The proper legal language for your business.
Based on the answers to your questions, Clicklaw will determine which legal terms are best for your business, and fill in all the information needed throughout the entire document.
  • Simple To Use Tool
With our approachable interface you can create legal documents within minutes... No more sky high legal fees!
"I was really excited to learn that Frank has found a way to make his services available to a wider range of business owners."

"I chose Frank because he demonstrated to me very early on that he really understood what was needed for an ONLINE BUSINESS specifically."

"I've talked to other lawyers in the non-internet world, and they didn't really understand what I was doing, but Frank just totally got it."

- Danny M.,
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Once the documents are created, you can download them right to your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Completely Customizable
Documents are generated in .doc format so that you can make further edits should you wish!
“Frank helped organized my needs after I explained my situation to him. I wasn't sure what would be involved, and Frank took the time to listen to my story in full, and give his advice clearly over the phone and followed up in writing. I am so glad we are working together!” 

– Karla R., Parade for Love

I have worked with Frank on a few separate projects now and I couldn’t be more pleased with how quickly and efficiently he manages his work. Frank was quick to respond to any changes or questions I had, as well as taking the time to find the small print that I needed to know about. He helped me make all relevant adjustments and made sure I was well informed on what I was agreeing to. I trust Frank completely to give me expert legal advice and put me in the best position possible for success. I highly recommend working with Frank."
- Kevin N., LocoMotion New York

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